Our program maintains age-appropriate subject matter at each level and offers enhanced and extended instruction at all levels.
  • Youth ages 5-17 may participate
  • Instruction and practice at Fairway Hills Golf Club and affiliate locations
  • Registrations are accepted on a first come/first serve basis, with a percentage of spaces reserved for participants in economic need
  • Only one level may be taken at a time
  • There is a registration fee of $60 for TARGET Level, $90 for PLAYer/PAR, $100 for BIRDIE, $120 for EAGLE and $125 for ACE.
Financial aid is available upon registration. The registration fee or financial aid request must be included at the time of application.


TARGET LEVEL: An outreach program for younger students age 5 and 6 comprised of eight lessons (one hour each). This is a non-certified level of instruction. PLAYer LEVEL: NEW entry level for ALL students age 7 and older comprised of eight lessons (90 minutes each). All participants must complete the PLAYer Level before going in to the other certified levels. >>VIEW PLAYER LEVEL CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS PAR LEVEL: For participants age 9 and older who have completed the PLAYer Level of instruction, this level of instruction is comprised of 8 lessons (90 minutes each) and includes all the basics such as golf course components, types of golf clubs and the fundamentals of the golf swing. >>VIEW PAR LEVEL CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS BIRDIE LEVEL: For intermediate golfers age 11 and older who have completed the PAR Level of instruction, this level of instruction is comprised of eight lessons (two hours each) and includes all the skills of playing golf such as swing mechanics, rules of the game and managing your game with different clubs. Participants must have successfully completed the PAR Level of instruction. >>VIEW BIRDIE LEVEL CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS EAGLE LEVEL: For advanced golfers age 13 and older, this level of instruction is comprised of eight lessons (two hours each) and includes demonstrations and practice for the challenges that golfers face such as sand (bunker) play and specialty shots. Participants must have successfully completed and been certified at the BIRDIE Level of instruction. >>VIEW EAGLE LEVEL CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS ACE LEVEL: For golfers age 14-17 who have been certified at the EAGLE Level of instruction. This program offers Portfolio Development, Golf Skill Improvement and Mentoring Opportunities. >>VIEW ACE LEVEL CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS


The First Tee gives young people a place to learn and play golf. Beyond introducing them to the game, the program aims to provide participants with an opportunity to acquire skills that will help them lead more productive and satisfying lives. These skills, such as self-control, goal setting and dealing with challenges are valuable in playing the game itself. They can also enhance every facet of a young person's life outside the golf setting. This program, called The First Tee Life Skills Experience, is designed to use golf as a vehicle for helping young people develop those attributes for the rest of their lives. The First Tee Life Skills Experience is incorporated with each level of golf instruction and is a fun and rewarding way for The First Tee participants to interact with each other and their coaches. Passage from each level to the next requires academic adn golf skills based proficiency, measured by tests of golf and life skills knowledge, and demonstrations of golf ability.


If a class is full, our registration software ("Salesforce") will generate a waiting list. For safety reasons, we will not exceed our participant to coach ration of 6 to 1. You will be contacted by our registration system if a space becomes available before the first class session. If that does not happen within a few days of the first class, you are strongly encouraged to select another session for your participant. If you register late or decide to come in the day of the first class and the class is full we will not be able to accommodate you in that session unless there is an open space. If a student is going to miss a class they must ask the coach what material and/or homework they will miss for the next class. We cannot provide a make-up in another class at the same level since that class may not be taught at the same pace and may be full itself. We ask that you schedule your arrivals for class at least 10 minutes early. In that way we can take care of registration and have the class ready to begin at its appointed hour for the convenience and enjoyment of all participants. For the protection of your participants, parents or guardians are required to sign their participants in and our for each class session. Students who are being picked up after their session will be asked to wait either on the veranda area or in The First Tee Learning Center, and must be signed out and picked up by a person specified in advance. The First Tee shirt (tucked in) and cap or visor shall be worn at all classes. In addition, participants must have their class yardage book at every class. Parents should provide hydration, snacks if necessary, and outerwear when dictated by the weather. Pants, skirts or shorts with pockets are preferred, as well as proper athletic footwear. Shower shoes, sandals or yoga pants or leggings without cover should be avoided.