2019 Registration Information from Coach Jim

Happy New Year! There will be some subtle changes in registration for 2019 classes beginning with the Spring Session (4/24-6/25 2019). We want you to know about those, and also make a few requests to ease the administrative burden on us and you in registering your children this year. So here are Seven Things That You Should Know:
  1. Schedules are now posted on the Registration Page for all three sessions for planning purposes only. Registration will open on February 2 for all three sessions.
  2. PLAYer and Par classes will be separated. To provide a better product at each level, we have gone back this year to the structure observed by most First Tee chapters, separating the PLAYer (7-8 year old) and Par (9-10 year old) levels. We believe this will be a better and more consistent teaching/learning environment for your participants and our coaches. As has been the case previously, ALL participants 7 or older regardless of age, must start at the PLAYer Level.
  3. Please remember that when you register, your registration is not “Complete” until you have processed your payment (or requested financial aid). If you begin a registration and do not take it through payment within 72 hours, it will be marked “Abandoned” so that it does not deny others who are ready to pay, a chance to register. This is not controlled by us, but by the Salesforce registration software.
  4. Please be judicious in registering your child for ONE class only in each session in which you register. The registration software is not a smorgasbord of alternative registrations. It is a straightforward class list like those used in any school that uses electronic registration. There were entirely too many Cancellations, Abandoned/In Process and re-registrations last year (almost 14%).
  5. There have been some subtle changes in rates this year for TARGET ($65), PLAYer ($100), and Par ($110) levels.
  6. IMPORTANT: For children who will be 12 or older on their first day of class, if this is their initial First Tee experience, we would strongly recommend that they participate in our Rising Teens Class (#150 Spring, #151 Summer, #152 Fall) on Monday evening (ONLY), where they will have an opportunity to complete the first two levels of the program in 8 weeks. Should they fail to complete Par certification, they must enroll for another Par class in the subsequent session. With the split of PLAYer and Par, that means that 12 and olders who cannot make that Monday class will be placed with 7 and olders in a PLAYer class, and while we will do our best to accommodate them, we cannot make any guarantees about advancement beyond the PLAYer level in that session.
  7. The discounts (sibling and military*) will continue in effect.
*The Military Discount will be applied automatically if the Account Holder has identified him/herself as Military when entering a participant for the first time. If you are Active Duty Military and your file is not so annotated, please contact us at 410-730-1114, or via email at [email protected] to have your file updated.