Meet & Greet with Alex Abrams

This month, we’re talking with ACE-level participant and Howard High junior Alex Abrams. Read on to learn more about this young star, and look forward to next month’s issue, where we’ll share an interview with Alex’s mother, Deneen Abrams.
ACE-level participant Alex Abrams with her mother, Deneen Abrams.
Q: How long have you been a participant with The First Tee of Howard County, and what made you first get involved?
A: I began with The First Tee  six years ago. My mom encouraged me to experience different sports, and discovered that The First Tee was a way for kids to become involved with the game of golf. I’m currently playing at the ACE-level.
Q: Did playing with The First Tee motivate you to also get involved with your school’s golf team? 
A: Yes, The First Tee introduced me to the sport and helped me get to a point where I was confident enough to try out for the golf team at Howard High school. I am now in my junior year and have been on the varsity team for three years. My proudest accomplishment as a part of the team was having an undefeated season and becoming county champions. I am also proud of my placement at the District V Championship; this year, I came in second place.
Q: What has been your favorite experience with The First Tee?
A: Helping with the annual golf tournament at The First Tee has been my favorite experience. I enjoy getting to meet people that care about the program as much as I do.
Q: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from participating in The First Tee?
A: I have learned patience from being in The First Tee. It takes time for your skills to get to a point in which you are able to pass the level certification tests, so I had to be more patient with myself and practice more so that I would be able to pass.
Q: How do you see your experience with The First Tee impacting your future?
A: The First Tee has provided me with a network of people that care about my well-being and are in my corner. They also have provided me with tools like the Nine Core Values and the Nine Healthy Habits, which will be useful in college but also life in general.
Q: What would you tell other girls who are considering getting involved?
A: I would definitely recommend to start playing golf. When I first started, I thought golf would be a sport that no one my age played. The First Tee helped me realize that other girls my age were involved, too. As I continued to become more competitive, I joined more tournaments where I have met and become friends with some amazing female golfers. So to any girl considering getting involved in golf, I say go for it and have fun!