Meet & Greet: Coach Khaalis Hall

From left to right: Coach Khalilah Hall, First Tee Master Coach Patty Jordan-Smith, and Coach Khaalis Hall
This month, we’re catching up with Level 1 Coach Khaalis Hall, one of the newest additions to our team here at The First Tee of Howard County, along with his wife and fellow Level 1 Coach, Khalilah.
Q: To start, tell me a bit about your background and family.
A: I’m from NJ, and I moved when I was 22 to join the USAF.  I’m still in the military serving at Fort Meade. I used to live in Alaska, Missouri, England, Germany, and Hawaii. I also did a tour in the Middle East. My favorite hobbies are working out and golf. I have two boys (ages 6 & 8) and have been happily married for 18 years.
Q: When did you first get interested in golf?
A: In 2006, a coworker of mine was an avid golfer and I liked Tiger Woods. He took me to a driving range and I became a fan of the game. The best feeling in the world is hitting with your irons in the sweet spot.
Q: How long have you been coaching?
A: I’ve been coaching for a year at The First Tee of Howard County with the PLAYer/PAR level.
Q: Tell me about some of the most significant lessons you learned from coaching. 
A: Don’t talk so much and let the kids perform. They are here to learn, play, golf and enjoy their peers — not to listen to me give a speech. I’ve learned to teach, demo and get out of the way.
Q: What do you think sets The First Tee apart from other golf programs for kids?
A: Teaching the Nine Core Values and incorporating them life skills puts The First Tee into a league of its own. A kid may not make the LPGA/PGA tour, but they can all learn to better themselves, others who come in contact with them, and their environment wherever they go in life.
Q: What would you tell parents who are considering enrolling their child in the upcoming session?
A: Do it. We are here to make better people through the game of golf, and your child will have the opportunity to mature with his/her social skills. Also, you don’t need to buy clubs — we have plenty your child can use!