Meet & Greet with Kara Zamora

This month, we’re catching up with Kara Zamora, a rising Birdie-level player with The First Tee of Howard County who has been part of our program for the last five years, along with her two sisters, Kassie and Karlie.
Q: Why did you first get involved with The First Tee of Howard County?
A: I wanted to be a better golfer. I also wanted to play golf with my sisters.
Q: Did playing with The First Tee motivate you to get involved with your school’s golf team? 
A: I am only going into middle school but I want to be on the golf team in high school. Being in The First Tee will help me.
Q: What has been your favorite experience with The First Tee?
A: My favorite part has been going out to play golf, and the extra clinics and fun events.
Q: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from participating in The First Tee?
A: Learning about golf etiquette has been the biggest lesson I’ve taken away.
Q: How do you see your experience with The First Tee impacting your future?
A: It makes me a better golfer. One day I might be a professional golfer.
Q: What would you tell other students who are considering getting involved?
A: I would say “it’s a great experience. You should join. You would love it!”
Thank you, Kara, for sharing your experience with us!