Program Levels FAQs

Why are we changing our program from our current levels to be more age-specific?

 As an organization, we are always striving to create a better and more impactful experience for your child through research and feedback. By delivering our program to participants of the same age range, our goal is to create programs and experiences that are just as fun as they are meaningful, where kids feel excited to grow, safe to fail, and better equipped for whatever comes their way next. 

Research has shown that age-appropriate programming is necessary particularly as youth approach the teen years. If youth feel that program experiences are repetitive year after year or are typically targeted to a younger audience, they will quickly find other activities to occupy their time, rather than returning to a program that is not fulfilling their needs (developmentally or emotionally) or challenging them to accomplish a new task or goal.

Why age-based vs grade?

We are focused on creating a curriculum that is both age and developmentally appropriate. Often, one age can span two or more grade levels, depending on different state laws and school structures. Our age-based segmentation will be recommended and programming will be focused on those specific age groups.

Why the different span of ages in each group?

7-9 (3 years), 10-11 (2 years), 12-13 (2 years), 14+ (3+ years)

The recommended age breakdowns are grouped together according to positive youth development best practices. These groupings are based on similarities in children’s cognitive skills, physical and movement skills, language skills, as well as social and emotional skills, which will allow the curriculum and coaches to meet the needs of participants in developmentally appropriate ways. 

  • 7-9: Early Elementary School-Aged
  • 10-11: Older Elementary School-Aged/Early Adolescence
  • 12-13: Middle School/Early Adolescence
  • 14+: High School/Middle Adolescence 

How will current participants transition from their skill levels into the new age-based levels?

Starting with the Spring 2022 Session, participants moved to their appropriate age group (Age 7-9, Age 10-11, Age 12-13, or Age 14+), based on their age on the first day of class. (We are unable to make exceptions to this rule.)

They will be with their peers playing golf and participating in activity-based learning that is helping to unlock good character. The content is fresh and will feel new; we are confident that your children and teens will adapt quickly and enjoy the new format!